Advertising Creators

Shao Shengxi / Iris

I’m a dreamer, a designer, a down-to-earth person, a passionate person. I am Iris.

Li Mengyuan / Melody

Hello, I’m Melody. I’m an advertising student. I’m 23, and I have always been on the road of learning, never stop. I can be a painter, a photographer, an editor… I believe I can do anything.

Liu Pengfei / Shawn

I am Shawn. I love advertising industry and know this industry. My design thinking, methodology and style of work are always changing, but there is one thing I never changed: Critical everything and speculative everything”.

Zhang Tianyu / Jack

Hello, my name is Jack. I have learned Copywriting, Art direction and photography in university. I’m good at graphic design and creative thinking. There are some of my works in this portfolio. It involves posters, books, videos and other design works.

Liu Ruiqi / Ricky

Hello, Welcome to Ricky’s advertising tape. She is An artist. She is a food artist. She is a life artist. She is An advertising artist.

Zhu Meirun / Alice

A girl who is good at hand drawing and loves Chinese traditional Hello, I’m Alice. I like adv, as well as the strategy. I’m good at photography, and also the art direction, and I also crazy for developing a strong concept in adv. Currently, I plan to study at the university of Glasgow in MA.

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Graphic Designers

Wang Zhiqi / Echo

A fat girl with naturally curly hair who likes to design.

Mo Fan / One

I’m One(MoFan). One from 16 Graphic Design. Nice to meet you. There are some works in the portfolio. Hope you will enjoy it.

Guo Xiaorui / Sherry

郭晓瑞(Sherry)Guo Xiaorui Hello, my name is Xiaorui, I am a student of graphic design.

Wang Xinyu / Cynthia

王忻宇Wang Xinyu(Cynthia)

Liu Zihe / Melody

刘子鹤 (Melody) Liu Zihe


Zheng Xinyan / Illyria

Keeping moving forward in game design

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