Wang Zhiqi / Echo

A fat girl with naturally curly hair who likes to design.

Mo Fan / One

I’m One(MoFan). One from 16 Graphic Design. Nice to meet you. There are some works in the portfolio. Hope you will enjoy it.

Guo Xiaorui / Sherry

郭晓瑞(Sherry)Guo Xiaorui Hello, my name is Xiaorui, I am a student of graphic design.

Wang Xinyu / Cynthia

王忻宇Wang Xinyu(Cynthia)

Liu Zihe / Melody

刘子鹤 (Melody) Liu Zihe


Zheng Xinyan / Illyria

Keeping moving forward in game design

Zhang Danying / Day

My name is Zhang Danying and my English name is Day. I am a student of visual communication design.

Sun Jiaqi / Zoe

My name is Jiaqi Sun, and my major is graphic design. I am 22 years old and will graduate soon. In college, I studied visual communication design. In the process of continuous experimentation, I think I have a certain understanding of this subject, and I have a certain understanding of logo design, poster design, typography design, etc.

Zhang Yumeng / Hannah

My name is Zhang Yumeng, English name is Hannah. I’m  from Visual communication design. I am cheerful and lively, during the school, and strive to study seriously.

Jing Xueying / Sharon

My name is Jing Xueying and the English name is Sharon.

My major is graphic design.

Li Hu / Tony

A man who does things slowly and has a narrow mind

Jiang Liwen / Julie

I am a student in Hebei university. Through these four years of work and study, I realized that growth is a process full of hope, but it also requires hard work and painstaking efforts. This is also a long-term process that needs constant improvement and development.

Xu Yinan / Rita

Date of Birth: Sep.15th,1998


Wang Chen / Bill

A wide range of hobbies and cheerful personality.

Wang Ruohan / Sylvia


zhang haocheng / peter

My name is Peter. I graduated from University of Central Lancashire and Hebei University, majoring in visual communication design. I am 22 years old and love the subject of design. I am optimistic and optimistic. I hope I can be engaged in design related work in the future.

Wang Min / Katrina

My Chinese name is Wang Min, and my English name is Katrina. My major is graphic design. I have studied brand design and other knowledge.

Yan Xi / Darcy

I am Darcy, a student of visual communication program. In learning, maybe I am not the best, but I will continue to work hard and be the best.

Hua Xiaoyu / Fiona

I am Hua Xiaoyu. Also you can call me Fiona. I am from Hebei ,China. My major is graphic design. Strong executive ability, strong sense of responsibility; Extensive hobbies, good at integrating practical experience into different fields, strong creativity.

chen kexin / chen

A graphic designer who graduated from Hebei University likes to design and ski.

Han Ying / Hajnal

Hello everyone, my name is Han Ying, the English name is Hajnal. I usually like listening to music and watching movies.