Design is not persuasion, design is dialogue.

Design is communication with the world; and dialogue with the design solution itself. Therefore, design must be open.

Design’s value lies in the process of discussion, reflection, and modification. Every little design thought grows and extends, eventually it will go far and beyond.

Welcome to Design Talks.

Meet the talks team

Dr Janey D.K. Design Talks co-founder.

Currently Janey is a lecturer in design communication in a U.K. HE institution. In terms of T&L, her underlying philosophy is that design practitioners should be presented with a theoretical underpinning and a whole host of soft skills in order for them to operate successfully. As a research fellow based both in the UK and China, Janey has developed her research interests in design management, design thinking, knowledge transfer, design policy and the role of higher education in economic growth.

Toby Mao. Design Talks co-founder.

Toby is an MA student at Royal College of Art. He is a research-led visual communicator and art worker, currently based in London, UK.